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Safe Food Specialist can provide certification for your entire team! Call Linda Petterson at (618) 407-6075 for group pricing or a private session. Send Linda a message using the email form below.


I highly recommend Linda Petterson and the Safe Food Specialists class. She makes the class fun while teaching it. She is a great instructor/proctor! Thank you Linda Petterson and thank you Gianni’s for hosting the class!

Mindy Mathenia, Owner/Operator of Park-N-Eat in Hillsboro

Linda Petterson does a great job teaching the class!

Patti Glasco, Owner/Operator of Bonnie & Klides in Livingston

Linda Petterson is a great instructor; truly wants everyone to learn and pass!

Linda Heimsath, Owner/Operator of Copper Dock in Pocahontas

A very good instructor – would take many more courses with her. Her energy and passion are amazing and off the charts. The presentation is amazing and she’s very helpful with the exam.

Sheila Ottwell, Toddle Towne Day Care in Alton, IL

Linda’s energy is off the charts! Her presentation is amazing and I would be glad to take the class again.

Melosa Mojeda, Subway in Alton, IL

Great course and Wonderful teacher.

Jennifer Pratte, Owner/Operator Dawg House Creamery in Stauton, IL

Very well thought thru class. Very informative and Linda made it fun!

Marc Hickman, Owner/Operator Porky Pits

Linda was helpful, friendly, and made a boring class, fun. If you need certification, Linda is your gal!

Liz Householder, Hawg Pit in Grafton, IL

Linda was an amazing instructor. I would recommend her.

Drew Stendeback, Danny’s Lounge in Alton, IL

Loved the class. Easy to pay attention to and very informative.

Marissa Peppers, General Manager at Chick N Pig in Alton, IL

I’ve done this test three times and this was my best experience. Linda is the best I’ve had.

Cletus Khlantzos, Chubby’s in Alton, IL

Never did the course before. When Linda finished instructing I felt I was more capable to complete the required test. I felt very confident in the information obtained to improve our kitchen and know we will protect our members and volunteer staff.

Pastor Sonny Renken, North Alton Baptist Church in Alton, IL

Linda was an excellent instructor! Linda taught the material clearly and related what was taught to real-life scenarios. This was my third FSM course and by far the Best!!

Megan Sumpter, Step by Step Child Care Center in Alton, IL

Made the class Fun! Linda made conversation with us and tried to get to know us a bit before starting the class We had fun, got breaks, and made lots of jokes. I really loved that she knew the best ways to study from her psychology studies. She made understanding everything very easy.

Audrey Nappier, Sammi's Sandwiches in Alton, IL

Linda is a Great Instructor!! Made my day off very enjoyable. Definitely use Linda For every class she offers! In every class I have taken I have learned new information each time. Linda is very caring and knows how to do her job excellently!!

Heather Knetzer, Sammi's Sandwiches in Alton, IL

Great Instructor! Very Knowledgeable. Actually Learned some new things from this class that I did not know previously. She made the class enjoyable. Highly recommend Linda! I have taken this class several times and never had this much Fun!!

Daniella Singleton, Manager at Sammi's Sandwiches in Alton, IL

Linda was very informative for us. She made the class a lot easier than some have in the past. She wanted to make sure everyone understood the main key points we needed and encouraged everyone to ask questions. She made it enjoyable and easy with all the information she gave us.

Ashton Garris, Sammi's Sandwiches in Alton, IL

Linda was very personal, friendly, and funny. She kept the class entertained and informed. I would recommend anyone who needs this class to take it with Linda.

Kim Tucker, Boeing in Hazelwood, MO

Linda was Absolutely Amazing! She kept the class fun and interesting. Never a dull moment. She was awesome at answering questions and concerns. I’d totally take another course from her!

Brittany Ruyle, Imo's Pizza in Jerseyville, IL

I was dreading an all-day class but Linda made the class fun and time seemed to go fast. She has first-hand knowledge of so many of the situations discussed.

Angie Ball, Bella Milano Catering in Edwardsville, IL

Linda was absolutely amazing. She was kind, helpful, and funny. She will make sure you are well prepared for the testing will answer any question you have as you go along. I wish I would have gone to her sooner!

Sydney Fowler, Riverbend Headstart in Alton, IL

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