Local employees at all of the following companies have been trained by Safe Food Specialist Linda Petterson.

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I highly recommend Linda Petterson and the Safe Food Specialists class. She makes the class fun while teaching it. She is a great instructor/proctor! Thank you Linda Petterson and thank you Gianni’s for hosting the class!

Mindy Mathenia, Owner/Operator of Park-N-Eat in Hillsboro

Linda Petterson does a great job teaching the class!

Patti Glasco, Owner/Operator of Bonnie & Klides in Livingston

Linda Petterson is a great instructor; truly wants everyone to learn and pass!

Linda Heimsath, Owner/Operator of Copper Dock in Pocahontas

A very good instructor – would take many more courses with her. Her energy and passion are amazing and off the charts. The presentation is amazing and she’s very helpful with the exam.

Sheila Ottwell, Toddle Towne Day Care in Alton, IL

Linda’s energy is off the charts! Her presentation is amazing and I would be glad to take the class again.

Melosa Mojeda, Subway in Alton, IL

Great course and Wonderful teacher.

Jennifer Pratte, Owner/Operator Dawg House Creamery in Stauton, IL

Very well thought thru class. Very informative and Linda made it fun!

Marc Hickman, Owner/Operator Porky Pits

Linda was helpful, friendly, and made a boring class, fun. If you need certification, Linda is your gal!

Liz Householder, Hawg Pit in Grafton, IL

Linda was an amazing instructor. I would recommend her.

Drew Stendeback, Danny’s Lounge in Alton, IL

Loved the class. Easy to pay attention to and very informative.

Marissa Peppers, General Manager at Chick N Pig in Alton, IL

I’ve done this test three times and this was my best experience. Linda is the best I’ve had.

Cletus Khlantzos, Chubby’s in Alton, IL

Never did the course before. When Linda finished instructing I felt I was more capable to complete the required test. I felt very confident in the information obtained to improve our kitchen and know we will protect our members and volunteer staff.

Pastor Sonny Renken, North Alton Baptist Church in Alton, IL