Safe Food Transportation

I’m Linda Petterson, a Certified Food Safety Instructor/Proctor with ServSafe of the National Restaurant Association and with Always Food Safe, here to talk to you about safe food transportation! Keeping food and beverage fresh, safe, and quality assured is crucial for food businesses and for the home.

Food transportation should maintain food quality standards and keep a scheduled timeline to prevent food contamination specifically with easy-perish goods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish or seafood.

Using insulated containers helps to maintain the desired safe temperature of foods, hot or cold. There are many types and sizes of containers that can do the job.

Containers for Safe Transportation:

For Pizza or Food Trays

The Premium Pizza Bag is available in sizes that fit 14″, 16″, and 18″ pizza boxes, maximizing efficiency and storage space for restaurants. Constructed from sturdy 900-denier nylon fabric, this premium bag is durable and secure, offering top tier protection.

The GoBag is of the same great construction.

Pan Carriers

The Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carrier provides the ability to hold both hot and cold food in the same cart, at the same time.

Beverage Carriers

The standard for beverage service, this heavy duty insulated server, is a work horse that will keep your drinks safely chilled or piping hot for many hours!