Cleaning & Sanitization

I’m Linda Petterson, a Certified Food Safety Instructor/Proctor with ServSafe of the National Restaurant Association and with Always Food Safe. Cleaning and sanitizing are necessary steps in ensuring food is safe for consumers. Sanitizers kill 99% of bacteria and should be used on food contact surfaces like dishes, cutting boards, food prep tables, and more. Here are the 5 steps of cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces:

1. Remove Food Bits or Dirt on the Surface
2. Wash the Surface
3. Rinse the Surface
4. Sanitize the Surface
5. Allow the Surface to Air Dry

There are 2 Types of Sanitizers: Heat and Chemical. Heat Sanitization is sanitizing with water at a temperature of 171 degrees Fahrenheit or above for at least 30 seconds. Chemical Sanitization uses a chemical sanitizer, most commonly Chlorine, and is often used in conjunction with Heat Sanitization. A chemical sanitizer must be left on food contact surfaces for at least 7 seconds.

Hope you enjoyed learning the importance of cleaning and sanitizing!